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Your Pay Your Way Ltd is a social enterprise based in Scotland and offering a programme of financial education. 

Our Vision

To create a Scotland where people have a solid understanding of their personal finances and are equipped to make financial decisions with confidence.

We aim to see:

•    a reduction in debt across Scotland
•    fewer people using borrowing for everyday expenses
•    an increase in households with savings
•    improved financial wellbeing across the country

We believe that to achieve these goals and mitigate risks around poor financial judgement, people across Scotland must receive meaningful financial education and our programme offers just that.

Our modules cover everything from the most basic concepts through to the more complicated monetary decisions.

Our users include schools, youth groups, sport clubs, employers, training providers and other agencies working in areas such as employability.

We work flexibly with you, adapting from a classroom-based workshop to a youth work approach to ensure everyone’s needs are met
Our Story
Our Story
Having worked with a financial education charity, delivering to young people in S6 in schools for several years, our founders are experienced in running workshops effectively, engaging their audience by using real life examples and stories. 
The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted a bigger and more immediate need around financial education. Job losses, reductions in hours and pay and missing teaching time meant that money worries, uncertainty about income and the future was at the forefront of everyone’s mind.
We decided to do something about it.
Our first decision was around who to deliver to as we realised that the last year of school was not the best time to bombard a young person with information about money and many young people don’t even make it to the end of school!
We had to widen our net to ensure we could reach as many people as possible and provide this valuable life skill. We are now working with a wide range of organisations, both profit and nonprofit making and are able to fund reduced sessions for the latter through reinvesting profits from the business.
With a combined 20+ years of experience in delivering financial education, being fully PVG certified and having backgrounds in accountancy (big 4), recruitment, banking and training, we are well placed to offer a flexible financial education programme that works for your organisation.
Together we can raise financial awareness and improve financial wellbeing in Scotland.


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